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Sick Headache

Vestibular migraines.

Migraine in general is a pretty well known medical condition. It usually occurs during individuals’ most productive years of life: 20-40 years old. And, unfortunately, women are more affected than men.

Characteristics: sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, nausea, vomiting, a severe headache that may be throbbing/pounding on one side.

Oh yeah, and to make matters worse, vestibular issues occur in about 40% of those suffering from migraines. The vestibular issues can be more balance based or dizziness. These symptoms can also occur prior to, during, after, or completely independent of the migraine event.


And to top it all off, people with vestibular migraines can also have motion sensitivity, difficulty focusing their eyes due to the light sensitivity, neck pain, confusion, anxiety/panic attacks, and spatial disorientation.

Even with all the bad news, the good news is that physical therapy can help.

Education is key. (As with all PT).

While there are food triggers (in next post), there can be other triggers as well: hormone fluctuations, stress, sleep disturbances, and medications

So how in the world can physical therapy help me?

We’ll look at your visual tracking, how well your vestibular system is functioning, balance testing, and examine if your cervical (neck) muscles are contributing to your symptoms. It should be very inclusive examination because there are a lot of systems that are in play with this condition.

Oh yeah, and we have to check for BPPV. Trust me, you should get tested for this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE AN EVALUATION FOR DIZZINESS.

That being said, as always, each individual is different and being evaluated by a physical therapist who specializes in vestibular rehabilitation continues to be important.

Questions? Comment or send me a message!

XOXO, Therapy Tash

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