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Outpatient Clinic Spotlight

Hey everyone,

One grand idea that I had for this blog was to interview different outpatient physical therapy clinics in Orange County. And trust me, there is no shortage of them.

Many outpatient clinics are geared toward the orthopedic side. That means seeing your run of the mill: knee injuries, hip injuries, ankle injuries, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, etc. And while, I am not downplaying the important role that these physical therapists play in the human population’s’ ability to perform their daily and recreational activities, there are SO MANY conditions that can be treated by physical therapists that not too many people know about.

I want to highlight those clinics first.

And the good thing about this is that if the therapist or clinic that you have tried in the past didn’t work out, trust me, you can find another one that may better suit your needs.

Think about seeing a physical therapist like seeing a psychologist, a medical doctor, a hairdresser, a dentist, etc. You sometimes need to shop around to find the perfect fit. And when you do (in my opinion as the one treating those patients that I paired well with), it is magic. We as therapists should not take it personally if you want to work with someone else; what we want is for you to feel better. Bottom line.

That being said, this page will be your guide to PT clinics in Orange County. Use it wisely.

XOXO, Therapy Tash